Benefit of Regular Exercise

The benefit of regular exercise comes in several folds; exercising makes you healthier, happier and able to manage your weight.

Regular moderate exercise makes you fitter,so you are stronger, leaner and more enduring. If you’ve ever wanted your body to look good, showing off some abs, a regular exercise program is just what you need.

Exercise reduces your risk ofheart disease, stroke, high blood pressureandalso certain cancers.

A key benefit of regular exercise, coupled with a healthy diet, is it can help you manage your weight better. A strong dose of willpower is often needed to change bad habits; but after you take the first step, managing your weight gets much easier. All you need is a bit of guidance.

Exercising often also reduces and prevents the development of diabetes - Diabetes and Exercise Expert Sheri Colberg answers a few questions on diabetic exercise here.

Exercise makes you happier. No really! The release of endorphins (your bodies “feel good” hormone) coupled with the increase in blood moving through your brain lifts your mood.

Regular moderate exercise will benefit your health in many ways, both physically and mentally.

• Exercise helps you reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and cancer.

• Exercise helps you prevent and control diabetes.

• Exercise help you reduces your risk of bone and joint problems.

• Exercise helps you manage your weight.

• Exercise helps you feel happier.

• You need to do at least 30 minutes of light--moderate exercise each day

But anyone can say they’re exercising regularly – once every year is regular right? For you to really the most out of exercising, you should be exercising daily.

Benefits of Daily Exercise

To incorporate the recommended 30-minutes of exercise daily (kids need at least an hour a day), you’re probably going to have to give up a whole load of your time.

Isn’t that just fantastic? You’ve gotten home from work each evening, and you have to do 30 minutes of sweat-inducing workout, or you have to get up early to exercise. For most people, exercise is an added extra – a bolt-on to an already hectic life.

So you don’t do it...

...And that makes sense. Humans aren’t perfect. But the health benefits of daily exercise are so important, it is difficult to ignore the dangers of not exercising – especially now you know them.

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