Choosing a Bicycle

choose the right bike

Choosing a bicycle can be a daunting task; the amount of choice, different options and technical jargon can easily complicate the whole process. This mini guide will help you in choosing the right bike for you.

First off, is deciding what kind of bicycle you need – and to do that, you need to outline its purpose. Download this choosing guide and follow its instructions to help you in choosing an electric bike

--> You’ll need free Adobe Reader or another PDF reader to view this. Click the image to download the Choosing a Bicycle guide.

Once you’ve found what bike is best for you, or if you’ve already got an idea of what kind of bike you want, take a look at these articles on individual types of bikes.

Choosing a Bicycle

--> Choosing a Mountain Bike

--> Choosing a Road Bike

--> Choosing a Hybrid Bike

--> Choosing a Folding Bike

If you haven’t already come across electric bikes, they are definitely worth considering. If the concept is totally new to you, take a look at this article on electric bikes which introduces the main concepts and their advantages.

Did you know an electric bike is more likely to help you exercise more effectively than a normal bike? The motor means people are more likely to use them (well you would if you could cruise through traffic at up to 15mph) since they require less effort to go further, faster.

You can make the most of the Government’s tax-free bike initiatives with an electric bike too; see how the Cycle to Work scheme works. There are lots of other savings you can make with an electric bicycle over other forms of transport. You don’t pay for road tax, petrol, parking or anything like that – you can save a lot of money!

Electric bikes tend to cost a bit more to buy, but there are various ways you can get cheap electric bikes – in fact I’ve come up with six ways here. Electric bikes are by far the best commuter bikes too; you can even get folding electric bicycles which can be packed into a rucksack in your office!

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