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Mid-Drive vs. Hub - Which eBike Motor to Choose

Whether you’re purchasing your very first electric bicycle, or adding another to your collection, you’ll always have a number of decisions to make when

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Byocycles Chameleon LS

I was dubious about purchasing The Byocycles Chameleon LS electric bike, but I'm happy I did!! It looks gorgeous but I'm biased :P I've had mine since

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Electric Bikes designed for the Peak District

Juicy Bikes have been making and distributing electric bikes from their base in the middle of the hilly Peak District in the UK. We make stylish bikes

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Volt pulse

I purchased a volt pulse after reading customers reviews and can Confirm that its a super ride I have copd a medical condition with lungs and I am in my

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Electric Bikes For Sale | Electric Bike Buyers Guide: Chapter 4

Find electric bikes for sale. When you’re ready to buy your electric bike, there’s a couple of insider tricks to saving money, getting more for your money and avoiding headaches later on.

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I Don’t Want A Lot For Christmas, There Is Just One Thing I Need… A Bike!

Christmas is fast approaching, and there is more than one way to make sure the pigs in blankets and Christmas puddings don’t cling on to your waistline

Continue reading "I Don’t Want A Lot For Christmas, There Is Just One Thing I Need… A Bike! "

I can now keep my lifetime hobby going,

My wife and I have caravanned for many years and During that time have become fairly good photographers. After we both retired we spent a few years travelling

Continue reading "I can now keep my lifetime hobby going,"

Shimano Steps E Bike System

At 3.1 kg for the groupset, it's one of the lightest drive systems currently available Shimano has today revealed the production details of its Steps

Continue reading "Shimano Steps E Bike System "

Bosch Struggles to meet demand

High demand for Bosch's electric bike system means longer delivery times. This is likely to result in some bike brands being unable to meet customer demands

Continue reading "Bosch Struggles to meet demand "

Electric Bike Dealers - recommended by Electric Bikes Experts

Electric bike dealers that electric bikes experts recommend.

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Choose an Electric Bike | Electric Bike Buyers Guide: Chapter 3

A great piece of advice from Richard Peace, author of ‘Electric Bikes Guide’ on how to choose an electric bike: “It it’s nice to ride without power, it’s often a good electric bike”

Continue reading "Choose an Electric Bike | Electric Bike Buyers Guide: Chapter 3"

Latest Electric Bicycle News - Updated Daily!

There's more and more electric bicycle news everyday; we've aggregated some of the best news feeds for you. Got your own story, photo or video? Publish it here!

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Electric Bikes in 60 Seconds

This episode takes a bite size look at some electric bikes but if you head over to view the full episode you'll see Robert Llewellyn looking at three

Continue reading "Electric Bikes in 60 Seconds"

The first electric bike without pedals

The Spanish company based in Alicante, Electric Mobility Company has released at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante the XKUTY One, the first electric

Continue reading "The first electric bike without pedals"

Electric Bike Rentals - Places to Hire Electric Bikes

Electric bike rentals are a great way of both trying out electric bikes and getting around town. Electric Bikes are by far the fastest, the easiest and the most fun way to travel across a city.

Continue reading "Electric Bike Rentals - Places to Hire Electric Bikes"

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