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Do you know how much you can save with an electric commuter vehicle? The cost of oil products like petrol and diesel is going, over time, nowhere but skywards. If you’re already struggling to afford to run your car, now is the time to look for alternatives.

Thankfully, the world is waking up to the potential of lithium-ion batteries, with China leading the way. Hundreds of millions of electric vehicles are on the roads already in China – leaving Western states like the UK and America way behind. However, some electric vehicles are beginning to appear in the UK – either Chinese imports or models made closer to home.

So what are they?

The current leader in electric vehicle market isn’t the car - in fact, it’s the electric bicycle. By adding a battery and a motor to the wheel hub the result is a fast, cheap and environmentally friendly way of commuting into work.

Since the motor is able to power you at up to 15mph – the top legal speed – you don’t actually need to pedal hard at all. The problem of cycling into work and dripping with sweat is no longer a problem. Neither are hills, headwinds or the constant stop-start at the traffic lights in the city – such hassles are whisked away at the touch of a button. How cool is that?

electric bike

An example Chinese Electric Bike

For commuters who need to travel by train, or on the underground – or even to take their bike into the office if there are no secure bike railings, the perfect commuting bike is a folding electric bicycle. In a matter of moments, your speedy bike can collapse into a small case and be carried one-handed into the office. And don’t worry; they’re not going to take a weightlifter to carry inside!

In the city, bikes can easily slip between traffic in the morning (provided you do it safely!) and with their superior acceleration you’re journey times are often much quicker than any other form of transport. Plus, in a bike, you can take shortcuts you wouldn’t be able to take in a car – certainly not on public transport.

If you’re commuting from further afield, then perhaps consider an electric powered motorcycle. With acceleration to match (even exceed) top-end sports cars (0-30 in 2 seconds) and top speeds of around 60mph, you’ll be able to shave both time and money off your morning and evening trips. You can recharge this super-fast electric commuter vehicle from flat in as little as four hours.

electric motorcycle

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