How to Choose a Bicycle in 3 Simple Steps

Choosing the right bicycle can be tricky; ”How to Choose a Bicycle in 3 Simple Steps” is a simple jargon-free mini guide to showing you how to choose the best bike for you.

Decide on your bikes purpose

Do you need your bike to commute or for fun? Or ride cross-country, or through the city – or both? Do you need a fold-up bike? Find out in this short free PDF download, Choosing a Bicycle Mini Guide

Match Your Size

No, you won’t have to measure your waist. But bikes are built according to ‘frame sizes’which is simply the length of the tube which has the saddle on it. And that measurement is before any adjustments.

It’s important to get this right so that you’re comfortable, quick – and safe – when you’re riding. You should always be able to get both feet flat on the ground when the bikes stopped (so don’t buy a bike too big!).

Browse for Good Matches

Once you’ve got a good idea of a type of bike and a size, browse around and look for good matches. Checking specifications with different models (there can be slight variations between years of production) and try, if you can, to get an independent opinion on the bikes you’re specifically looking at.

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 Peter Eland, editor of Electric Bike Magazine puts together a fantastic quarterly magazine. And you can read it all online too.