I have always enjoyed cycling

by Lynne Rolling
(Draycott, Derbyshire)

I purchased my bike at the end of January 2011 after doing some research I opted for a Giant Twist bike. It was more than I planned to spend, but it felt right when I tested it. I also very much like the fact that my bike does not look like it has a battery, as it comes with fitted Panniers and this conceals the battery, I liked this because I think its a little less likely to be pinched if locked up somewhere and the slight embarrasment of having pedal assistance, since it is frowned upon a little by cyclists.

I have traveled nearly 200 miles on my bike and although there are somethings I wish I had considered a little more (the weight - it is very heavy, about 25Kg - cycling without power is hard!) but I still love it. I have used it everyday to get to work - about 7 mile round trip. My main aim was to be greener, save fuel and keep fit I can honestly say it does all these.

I live in Draycott Derbys and Nottingham City Centre although much further than Derby is my 'home' town but my battery can only manage a one way trip as about 13 miles away, I have (just this week as weather warmer) taken my bike on the train to Nottingham and cycled home, saving some money and of course parking fees. I have contacted Nottingham Council to see if they had anywhere that I could re-charge my battery, this only takes about 2.5 hours from flat to full so would be great. But alas the response I got was to ask a friendly cycle shop to help. Poor response really when the green and health issues are thrown about by local councils.

Anyway enough of my rambling - I love my bike and my partner who poo pooed it and nearly died when I said i paid £1300.00 for a bike has riden it and loves it too!! and she is not a cyclist in any way, but with my bike she could be!


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