Electric Bike Industry Questionnaire: The Benefits of Electric Bikes


My name’s Ed Fry, and you’ve been invited to take part in this interview to help educate Brits on the benefits of electric bikes. We’re going to collaborate the results from several interviews to create a definitive page on ‘the benefits of electric bikes’. I’ll then reproduce the data in all sorts of wizzy, cool and useful ways you can use in your own marketing materials and websites. Slideshows, videos, infographics - that sort of thing.

My background is in search engine optimization (SEO) and web marketing, and I’m interested in creating useful content that I can use on this website, but also making it available and useful to industry professionals like yourself and prospective electric bike customers. This website is called Electric Bikes Experts for a reason ;-]

Electric bikes are a really interesting idea, and I’d love to see them really take off here in the UK. In fact, I wrote a short report on Electric Bike Online Marketing Strategy in the UK which you’re welcome to have a look at.

First, take a couple of minutes to fill out the questions below. Some of the questions are pretty simple or really general, but the objective is to create a page which helps explain the benefits of electric bikes anyone.

Also, if you enter your email address I’ll follow up with a link to download my special report.

You can fire any questions you have to ed.fry@electricbikesexperts.co.uk

I’m also on Twitter if that’s of interest @fryed7

Many thanks in advance,

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